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Researcher and Writer

Convergence and Normative (an EA-aligned for-profit) are looking for a researcher with excellent writing skills.
Application due: December 8th

As a researcher, you will work closely with Convergence researchers to develop and publish models on existential risk reduction and systematic analyses of environmental and climate change issues. This is a full time, 40 hours per week contractor position. Half the time, you will be working and writing with Convergence Analysis on material related to existential risk; the rest of the time, you will be working on environmental and climate change analysis documents for Normative.

Key activities will be: 

  • Deliberating with the team to learn and develop research concepts.
  • Structuring and writing documents about the research.
  • Working through feedback and editing rounds.
  • Publicizing the work on media such as the EA Forum and in academic papers.

Initially, you would spend much of your time learning about Convergence’s existential risk research findings and figuring out how to communicate these in writing. With time, you’ll have the opportunity to do more research yourself. You will work to advance humanity’s understanding of existential risk reduction and to show thought leadership for Normative in sustainability. The ideal candidate may be able to find synergies between mitigating these great challenges for humanity.

Key properties of a strong candidate:

  • Excellent writing skills. Good at explaining things and bridging the gap from complex topics to the reader.
  • Theorizing and model-building ability.
  • Technical ability (for example, in a field like mathematics, programming, or physics).
  • A personal drive to reduce existential risk to humanity.
  • A desire to analyze and improve environmental issues.
  • Conscientiousness.

The location for this position will be flexible, but the ability to travel is desirable. We’d like to work with the candidate in person for about a month in the trial period. We’re currently split between Europe and the San Francisco Bay Area. The expected salary for the position is $3k per month of full time work.

You will get the chance to work in a dynamic startup-like environment and help build the nascent field of existential risk strategy. You will get the chance to learn from our innovative technical approach to strategy and to develop your own perspective on these important questions. We think this will be an especially good position if you want to get a foot into the field or have a try at existential risk reduction research and writing.

Apply to the Researcher and Writer contractor role here


Convergence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit existential risk strategy research organization. Convergence exists to develop better knowledge on how to create a thriving future for humanity. The development of new technologies poses both great potential and peril for humanity, as exemplified by nuclear, bioengineering, and AI technologies. Convergence’s strategy is to understand how advanced technologies could cause risks to civilization, and discover and promote methods to reduce these risks. Its core activity is to build stronger theoretical foundations for existential risk reduction through interdisciplinary basic research with a strong emphasis on strategy. We use a technical and highly systematizing approach, and our research draws upon insights and methods from philosophy, computer science, mathematics, sociology, cognitive science, psychology, and AI. Convergence’s founding team has a long history in existential risk research and in managing projects. See the strategic plan for more on Convergence’s projects, past successes, and strategy.


Normative is a Stockholm-based company that automates the sustainability reporting of big companies, providing them with the incentives and guidance required to drastically reduce their environmental footprint. Large corporations are the main polluters in the world. Some of the main things stopping these externalities from being priced in are (1) consumers and lawmakers not being fully aware of the pollution from each company and product and (2) companies not having the guidance necessary to decrease their emissions in a cost-effective way. We believe that Normative, by solving these problems, could make a major difference in reducing tail risks associated with climate change. 

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