Our mission is to build foundational theory for existential risk reduction

Our focus areas

Our organization and research agenda currently consists of three approaches

Mapping the space

The first approach will be to map the space of different existential risks and strategies through literature reviews and conversations with domain specific experts.

Developing strategies

The second approach will be to develop strategies based on a cross-disciplinary approach grounded in mathematics, philosophy and simulation programming.

Broadcasting results

The final approach will be to broadcast information to a wider audience and set up strategic alliances with other groups working on existential risk mitigation.

Why Strategy you might ask.

“If strategy is not the best thing to do, how could you know this but by means of strategy?”

In the past, existential risk strategy has been useful in both determining the critical areas in which resources should be allocated as well as flagging dangerous projects. Strategy scales well insofar as simply conveying the idea is sufficient to cause people to update.

The construction of a strategy group also compounds well in that strategy can be applied to the construction of the strategy group itself.

Of the various paths we could follow to reduce existential risk, strategy is also the most self-correcting: if strategy is not the best thing to do, how could you know this but by means of strategy?

We are currently searching for collaborators and hope to hear from you soon.



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