How can we ensure that human civilization survives and thrives?


Convergence exists to develop better knowledge on how to create a thriving future for humanity. The development of advanced technologies poses both great opportunities and perils for humanity, as exemplified by nuclear technology, bioengineering, and Artificial Intelligence. Convergence’s strategy is to understand how advanced technologies could cause risks to civilization, and discover and promote methods to reduce these risks. Its core activity is to build stronger theoretical foundations for existential risk reduction through interdisciplinary basic research. You could call this type of research strategy research. We take a technical and systematizing approach to strategy research. Our research draws upon insights and methods from philosophy, computer science, mathematics, sociology, cognitive science, psychology, and AI.

Convergence was founded by Justin Shovelain and David Kristoffersson. Our board and advisors consist of startup founders and researchers with histories of engagement in the question of ensuring a beneficial future for humanity.

Convergence is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donation is fully tax deductible in the US.

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