How can we ensure that human civilization survives and thrives?

Convergence exists to develop and promote insights on how to create a thriving future for humanityThe development of advanced technologies poses both great opportunities and perils for humanity, as exemplified by nuclear technology, bioengineering, and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is progressing at breakneck speeds. Plausibly, human-level AI will be here within 10 years. Shortly after this, we’ll be in the beyond-human regime. Hence, we need to know: (1) What will the emergence of advanced AI look like, (2) how will this impact human society, (3) what constitutes wise decision making regarding advanced AI, and (4) how can we help society adopt better decision making?

Convergence seeks to build a world-class research institution focused purely on making progress on these questionsOur research is deeply interdisciplinary in nature and draws upon insights and methods from philosophy, computer science, mathematics, sociology, cognitive science, psychology, and AI. We’re hiring.



David Kristoffersson

David is CEO and co-founder of Convergence. He has a background as R&D Project Manager at Ericsson where he led a project of 30 experienced software engineers. He has a further background as a Software Engineer and has a BS in Computer Engineering. He has worked with the Future of Humanity Institute, has explored research projects in ML and AI strategy with FHI researchers, and co-organized the first AI Safety Camp.


Justin Shovelain

Justin is Chief Strategist and co-founder of Convergence. He is an AI safety advisor to Lionheart Ventures. He has worked with existential risk research since 2009, including working with MIRI, CFAR, EA Global, and Founders Fund. He has done work in EA strategy, fundraising, networking, teaching, cognitive enhancement, and AI safety research. He has an MS degree in computer science and BS degrees in computer science, mathematics, and physics.

Harry Day, COO

Harry Day

Harry is COO of Convergence. He has over a decade of experience in leading finance and operations for fast-growing international organizations. He holds a first class MEng degree in Electronics, a PGDip with distinction in Cybernetics, and completed postgraduate research in computational neuroscience.

Joining soon: Elliot Mckernon

Elliot is a Technical Writer at Convergence. He is experienced in technical writing and has a PhD in mathematics.



Dr Andrew X Stewart

Andrew has a background in machine learning, computational neuroscience, policy and AI. He has worked in the neural and genetic origin of schizophrenia and published work on classifying human neuroimaging data. His Ph.D was at University of Edinburgh in Neuroinformatics and he went on to work writing modelling and stats software with the Brain Research Imaging Centre, and is a Center for Applied Rationality bootcamp alumnus. 


Kristian Rönn

Kristian is the founder of several NGOs and companies. Between 2013 and 2014 he worked as a project manager at the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute. He has a background in mathematics, philosophy, computer science and artificial intelligence. He has been heavily involved in the Effective Altruism Movement since 2010 by working for several organisations in the space on issues ranging for existential risk to charity evaluations.


Justin Shovelain

Justin is Chief Strategist and co-founder of Convergence.



Nevin Freeman

Nevin is an entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies. His mission in life is to solve the coordination problems that are stopping humanity from achieving its potential, and he’s particularly concerned about averting the long-term risks posed by the development of artificial intelligence. Nevin oversees strategy, legal, and team coordination at Reserve.


Ben Harack

Ben is an aspiring polymath working on problems that seem important and solvable in the fields of existential risk and global governance. He is co-founder of the Vision of Earth project, the primary author of Ruling Ourselves, and one of the engineers behind the Human Diagnosis Project. He holds a master’s degree in physics and bachelor’s degrees in computer science, mathematics, physics, and psychology.



Ozzie Gooen

Ozzie is a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute. He has done engineering work at Yahoo!, DEKA Research and Development, and Grand Rounds. He cofounded Bow Labs Inc, a company that created multiple profitable applications. He has also worked at 80,000 Hours and cofounded .impact, an online collective that has helped organize hundreds of international volunteers to make projects on the topic of Effective Altruism.


Tee Barnett

Tee is a personal strategist and executive coach. In the past, he co-founded and co-led Rethink Charity, and is currently a director of the board there.